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Thirteenth Reunion
Olive Branch - Charleston, Tallahatchie County, MS
October 7-11, 2015

Seated:  Ken Anderson, Duncan Crawford, Chuck Walker, Bill Compton, Len Lyons, Bruce Morgan & Buddy Keenum

Standing First Row:  Jim Laskowski, Dave Callahan, Tom Lindsey, JD Howell, Gary Knutsen, Albert Klaiber, Fred Mosher, Richard Shallenberger, Ben Jones 

Standing Second Row:  Stan Kulpa, Al Billings & Donald Pursely

Standing Third Row:  Tom Golden, Rey Frega, Tim Wread, Joe Cash, Dennis Rawlins & Jim Foster

Standing Fourth Row:  Jim Brooks, John Carrejo, Bill Beuke, Sam Markert, Pat Moses & Robert Ayotte 


And we can't forget the ladies that attend the reunions


Seated:  Marjorie Norris, Olivia Frega, Gloria Britt, Mary Ann DiGuiseppi, May Compton, Marilyn Kulpa
& Lois Markert

Standing First Row:  Susan Lindsey, Gloria Rawlins, Judy Callahan, Pat Antico, Linda Mosher & Colleen Morgan

Standing Second Row:  Johnnie Sue Keenum, Mickey Jones, Martha Carrejo, Beverly Beuke, Carol Knutsen,
Char Moses & Kathy Ayotte

Standing Third Row:  Stella Howell, Cheryl Raymond, Jean Klaiber, Janet Pursley & Margaret Crawford

Standing Fourth Row:  Janet Cash, Janet Billings, Donna Shallenberger & Phyllis Scott 

All the Snipes that attended the 2015 Reunion

Seated:  Richard Shallenberger MM3, Leonard Lyons LT & Bill Beuke EM3

Standing First Row:  Fred Mosher MR3 & Jim Laskowski MMFN

Standing Second Row:  Jimmy Foster MR3, Sam Markert EN3, Dennis Rawlins FN, Joe Cash EM3, Stan Kulpa EM3,
J. D. Howell EN3,
Gary Knutsen MM3 & Bruce Morgan IC2

Standing Third Row:  Pat Moses EOM2, Duncan Crawford LTJG, Robert Ayotte MM3, Tim Wread MM3,
John Carrejo EM3, Jim Brooks EM3 & Ken Anderson EM3

Not Pictured:  Al Billings EM2

This is a picture of all the people that went on the Graceland Tour
I believe all are present except for Bill Compton


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Bruce & Colleen Morgan's Reunion Picture

Tuesday - Setting up the Hospitality Room Wednesday - Presentation to the Charleston Rotary Club
Wednesday - Dinner at Colton's Steak House Thursday - Ryan's Lunch
Thursday - Graceland Thursday - Beale Street
Friday - Group Pictures and Banquet Saturday - Tour to Charleston, Tallahatchie County, MS


Ben & Mickey Jones' Reunion Picture

Gary & Carol Knutsen's Reunion Picture


Dennis & Gloria Rawlings' Reunion Picture

Below is a copy of the October 15, 2015
Charleston, Mississippi Sun-Sentinel