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Commanding Officer John Roberts, Commander USN (RET)
Skipper of the USS Tallahatchie County LST-1154

Taken by Edward Lucas

Welcoming the 1154 back to Boston
Spring 1952
3 years after its initial launching
Picture provided by Edward Lucas

Anchored at Vasquez Island, PR
Early ‘50s during exercises with the Marines
Picture provided by Edward Lucas

LST 1154


Summer of 1958 - prior to July 20
Anchored in the Grand Canal at St. Mark's Square, Venice, Italy
Photograph provided by CDR Robert L. Robinson, SC USN (ret.)
CDR Robinson was the very first Supply Officer on board the ship.

The ship departed Little Creek, VA approximately 8 May and arrived in the Med around 24 May.
The Ship was delayed a day to deliver a sick sailor to the Army Hospital in the Azores.

This was one of the summers that had uprisings in Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan.
The British sent troops into Jordan; the US sent troops into Lebanon.
The Iraqi people murdered their king and prime minister
laying the groundwork for Saddam Hussein's dictatorship.

The Ship spent 72 days in Souda Bay
supporting the NATO airstrip that served as a way-station for aircraft
from Naples to Beirut in support of the Marines.

Pictures donated by Fred Mosher
Engineering department early 1960's

Standing:  Shallenberger, Ortiz, Bridgon, Coburn, Kingery, Cicero, Anderson, Toth, Pfeiffer, Schouten, Simmons, Knutsen, Milligan, Stone, Hatfield, Dumas, Breyfogle, Phillips, Banard, Rawlins

Kneeling:  Case, Florio, Kumpf, Brown, Krusen, Laskowski, Petkus, Gonzales, Snyder

Enright, Berry, Kuhn Ferguson, Gilbert, Cullen, Hibbs, Horton, Klaiber,

Gallucci, Recchia, Kink, Wanke, Bugzavich, Jecusco

Ship's Crew
Sometime between early 1968 to mid 1969
USS Tallahatchie County with USS Scorpion alongside
April 1968

Pulling into dry dock
January 1969

Corinth Canal
March 1969

Picture sent in by Bill & Betty Gill, October 2011
A real good friend, Jane Bradbury, painted this acrylic picture of the ship
We are grateful for the beautiful job she did.

USS Tallahatchie County AVB-2 at La Spezia, Italy 26 July 1970
awaiting the scraper's torch
Photo by Carlo Martinelli
The bridge, CIC, the 04 level and the helo platform already gone, but the Mike boat is still on the main deck
AVB Commissioning Ceremony
Change of Command Ceremony Brochures
Pictures from Captain Walker's Private Album
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May 1968 May 1968 September 1968 October 1968

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and select the larger picture of the reunion you wish to view