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Ship's Pictures
(Early to Mid 1960's)

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USS LST-1154 Commissioning Invitation

Copied from the cover of the cruise book.

  USS Tallahatchie County AVB-2
Naples Bay 30 April 1966
Where I got this shot of the LST is a complete mystery the main deck is loaded with ten 6x6 trucks, (two of which are towing trailers) and two Jeeps. Judging by the lack of dents in the hull, this shot was taken early in the 1950s.  Captain John Roberts who was the skipper in 1959-60 (and decommissioned the LST) told me those dents are caused by waves slamming against the hull.  Hard to imagine that water could dent 1/2 inch thick steel  

Souda Bay, Crete
Where the AVB 2 would beach years later.
Taken in 1959 by Ray Gefken
who was aboard in 1958-60.

Both of the 40mm AA guns are missing!  But they were there in the shot taken in the early 1950s. My guess is they were removed for upgrading and this shot was taken at that time.  Skipper John Roberts is no longer alive so he can't shed any light on this and Ray (if he is still alive) was an electrician so he would probably be clueless.
Beached at Souda Bay
LST-1154   AVB-2
Souda Bay
Dave Callahan and Ben Jones
Starboard fantail of the Tally Ho.
Taken in late 1967

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