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Bruce & Colleen Morgan's Pictures
Olive Branch - Charleston - Tallahatchie County, MS
October 6 - 10, 2015

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Saturday October 10, 2015
Charleston - Tallahatchie County, MS
Waiting on the School Buses to take us to Charleston, MS
The buses finally arrive
The buses are loaded - Let's roll!
Stop at the Tallahatchie County Line

Arriving in Charleston

Flags lined the street to welcome us to town
The Junior High School Band and a silhouette of the ship made by the shop class greeted us when we arrived
at The Charleston Area Revitalization Effort (CARE) Center

The Charleston Area Revitalization Effort (CARE) Center

The USS Tallahatchie County
Navigation Lights

The City of Charleston
made new banners for our visit
Inside of the CARE Center
Inside of the CARE Center

John Ball Burnett welcomes
The USS Tallahatchie County Sailors

Mr. Sedrick Smith
Mayor of Charleston, MS

Mr. Tom Reynolds
State Representative
Reads the House Proclamation

Bruce Morgan & Duncan Crawford
Along with John Ball Burnett
Address the crowd

Chuck (Captain) Walker
Addresses the crowd

The crowd listens intently

The crowd listens intently

The crowd listens intently

The USS Tallahatchie County Video
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Then we were taken to the Three Way Restaurant for a fantastic Bar-B-Q Pulled Pork Lunch
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John Ball Burnett
Address the crowd

Captain Walker donates
the painting that was given to him by the
Ship's officers when he left the ship in February 1969

Bruce Morgan donates
a picture of both versions of the USS Tallahatchie County
signed by all attending shipmates

Duncan Crawford donates
the Christening Flags of
Captain John Robert - Last Captain of the LST-1154
Captain Ian Johnson - Last Captain of the AVB-2
to the Citizens of Tallahatchie County, MS

Close-up of the painting donated by Captain Walker

Group picture at the Three Way Restaurant
John Ball Burnett kneeling front row left end
Glenna Challenger standing on the right.

Buses ready for return trip to Olive Branch

Load the buses

Lowering the Navigation Flags
from the Regions Bank Flag Pole

Tallahatchie County Library
USS Tallahatchie County Memorabilia on display in the County Library

A quick stop at the Tallahatchie River
On the way back to Olive Branch
Friday, October 9, 2015
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