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Bruce & Colleen Morgan's Pictures
Evansville, IN
August 16 - 20, 2017

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Breakfast area of the hotel
Saturday Night Banquet

Len Lyons all decked out and ready to go

A beautiful place for the banquet

Photo to the left
Phyllis & Captain Walker
Bill Beuke & John Carrejo

Len Lyons

Phyllis & Captain Chuck Walker

Captain Chuck Walker & Tom Lindsey

Mark & Rita Aronoff

Cheryl Raymond & Jim Laskowski

Gary & Carol Knutsen

Dennis & Gloria Rawlins

Donna & Ken hallenberger
Donna & Richard Shallenberger

Richard Shallenberger and Tom Golden

Albert & Jean Klaiber

Kathy & Robert Ayotte

Wesley Simpson & Al Billings 

Marilyn & Stan Kulpa
Al & Janet Billings

Lois & Sam Markert
Connie & John Green

Patricia & Donald Holmes

Johnnie Sue & Buddy Keenum

Dave & Judy Callahan

Martha & John Carrejo

Bruce & Colleen Morgan

Beverly & Bill Beuke
JD & Stella Howell
The front of the building at night

All the ladies were presented a wrist corsage like this one

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