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Ben & Mickey Jones' Pictures
Evansville, IN
August 16 - 20, 2017

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Johnnie Sue and Buddy Keenum & Stella Howell

Dennis Rawlings & Jim Laskowski

Richard Shallenberger, Tom Golden, Len Lyons,
Donna Shallenberger, Stella Howell & Ken Shallenberger

Ben Jones, Tom Golden, Duncan Crawford, JD Howell,
Dave Callahan & Gary Knutsen

Janet & Don Pursley, Linda & Fred Mosher, Jean & Albert Klaiber
Back Table:  Mickey Jones, Dave Callahan,
Buddy & Johnnie Sue Keenum
Standing:  Bill Beuke & Bruce Morgan

Rita Aronoff, Tom Lindsey, Colleen Morgan & Mark Aronoff

Wesley Simpson, Duncan Crawford & Al Billings

Richard Shallenberger, Donna & Ken Shallenberger,
Donna Shallenberger, Tom Golden and Bill Beuke

Al Klaiber , Gary Knutsen, Fred Mosher & Donald Pursley

Janet Pursley, Carol Knutsen & Kathy Klaiber

Wes Simpson, Bruce Morgan, Tom Lindsey,
uncan Crawford & Al Billings

Martha Carrejo, Sara Morgan, Beverly Beuke,
Colleen Morgan & Janet Cash

Len Lyons, Phyllis & Chuck Walker, Joe Cash
and Gary & Carol Knutsen

The whole restaurant stops and sings the
Star Spangled Banner

Group picture with Mission BBQ Duce and a Half

Valerie Brand - our Mission BBQ Group Manager
We celebrated Captain Walker's 90th Birthday

Colleen & Bruce Morgan, Joe & Janet Cash,
Dave Callahan and Bill & Beverly Beuke
Dave handing out ATTABOY Certificates for a job well done

Dave Callahan - Outgoing President

Phyllis & Chuck Walker

Gloria & Dennis Rawlings

Beverly & Bill Beuke

Cheryl Raymond & Jim Laskowski

Carol & Gary Knutsen

Patricia & Donald Holmes

Johnnie Sue & Buddy Keenum

JD & Stella Howell

Mark Aronoff, Duncan Crawford & Rita Aronoff

Al & Jean Klaiber

Kathy & Robert Ayotte

Donna & Richard Shallenberger

Stan Kulpa, Joe Cash & John Carrejo

Connie & John Green

Lois & Sam Markert

Marilyn & Stan Kulpa

Al & Janet Billings

John & Martha Carrejo

Janet & Joe Cash

Bruce & Colleen Morgan

Donna & Ken Shallenberger

Janet & Donald Pursley

Mickey & Ben Jones

Fred & Linda Mosher

Jimmie Foster

Dave & Judy Callahan

Janet & Al Billings

Kathy & Robert Ayotte

Jean & Albert Klaiber

Leonard Lyons

Tom Golden

Mark & Rita Aronoff

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