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Bruce & Colleen Morgan's Home Movies
Naples, Italy & Souda Bay, Crete

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Bruce & Colleen Morgan's Home Movies
December 1968 thru June 1969
The first part of the video is of the USS Tallahatchie County beaching at Souda Bay during the Change of Command when Captain Walker was being relieved.  This video was being shot when the new captain, Ian Johnson (Mike), was taking his turn at beaching the ship.  As you can see in the video, the wind was very strong and was pushing us to the right toward the rock jetty.  We had to get tugs in order to help get off the jetty.  The second part was taken in and around our apartment.  Colleen and our oldest daughter, Allie, were in most of the shots.  Colleen's mother was the lady in the white blouse walking across the street and into the wine shop.  There are a few of the IC & EM gang in this part.  Then movies of Pompeii, Rome and the Isle of Ischia.  There is even some movies of our trip to Lisbon, Portugal and Fatima.Look this over and you might see some familiar faces.

Drop me a line and I'll add your comments below.

I remember when Capt. John Shute did the same thing. We were coming in a bit strong and the wind pushed the starboard side door into the rock jetty.  I was on the bow at the time and watched the door get bent aft and the cables snapping.  When Capt. Shute came running forward, he was cussing a blue streak.  But we backed off a bit, anchored and the crew rigged new cables in a few hours.  I don't remember when we made another try but I think it was the next day when the winds laid.
Walter Johnson
Thanks for the memories!!  A few things were very familiar – Lisbon and Fatima came back to mind quickly!  I also saw, who I think was, Lester (“Joe”) Cash. Also – when panning the ships – there was one marked F48 – USS Alstede, my ship after the TC!! Spent about a year on her before transferring to the USS Vulcan (AR-5).
It was fun!! Thanks!
John Malusis
I remember that day well.
I was on the stern steam anchor all day even with the tugs and the mike boat dropping the anchor off the stern.  It was a bitch getting off the beach, had to call for extra tugs.  We holed one of the bow voids that day so the bow was heavy and could not be pumped for a normal extraction.  The hull was so tender you could almost put a hole in it with a chipping hammer.
MM 3 Neuman

Thank you for a few Memories, all good, I think.  I saw some younger face's, many of you; my, we were young!  The new CO was Capt (CDR then) Ian Johnson USN, we called him Mike. He is retired and living in Newport, RI.  His home totally burned last year, lost everything and didn't rebuild. They moved to a condo.

Chuck Walker, CO
Real neat stuff.....Things don't change much.  I left the ship January 1965 for Holy Lock, Scotland and the USS Hunley AS-31.
Drove from Naples to Holy Lock in a new 1965 Volkswagen Camper with 3 kids and one in the basket.  WOW, what memories.
Ray Abrahamsen
Thank you very much for taking the time to put this together.
It was great. I wonder if anyone else took any movies back then that could be added to this. That would be nice , it's a lot better then just looking at pictures.
Thanks Again , SKI
Jim Laskowski
What a blessing ... though these were taken over a year after I left the Tally... they still bring back some fond memories... thanks again and be blessed!!!
Stan Pollmann
Thanks for the memories. I recommissioned the ship in Charleston, SC so I do not recognize anyone I'm sorry to say. I left the ship in 1964. Time flies
Norman Teller EM3
Thanks for the video and for bringing back some good memories. I was onboard from November 1969-December 1970 and worked for boats Tony Demars on deck for a couple of months before going to work in the post office along with PO Greg Faiola.  Thanks to Captain Johnson I was able to get orders back to the states in January 1970 to get married to Olivia, my high school sweetheart.  God blessed me with a wonderful life with her and we celebrate our 41st anniversary this weekend.  I retired from the Navy in 1990 after serving two tours with recruiting commands in San Antonio and Denver.  I have now completed my 20th year working for VA after my second career. Olivia and I extend a hearty welcome to any former shipmates visiting Colorado and can be found in the Denver phone book. "Mi Casa es su Casa Amigos"
Rey & Olivia Fraga
Boy, you really do bring back some pretty neat memories.
Buddy Keenum

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